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It is the world’s first decentralized blockchain platform for fully automated intermediary trading 24/7. Make sure all your transactions are safe with us, eliminate online scams together now.

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About Guard Pay

Guard Pay was founded by a group of young people who are passionate about technology and hate scams.

The owner of Guard Pay only owns this website interface so you can interact with the blockchain, we cannot have any interaction with your transaction confirmed by the blockchain.

This is how Guard Pay will protect you

Let’s see how Guard Pay works to protect you from online scams.

Why Guard Pay is the best out there

Let’s see how Guard Pay is the best compared to the transaction intermediary solutions out there that you are seeing.

Fully Automated 24/7

With Guard Pay, you can transact automatically 24/7 without contacting a middleman.

Eliminate Middleman Scams.

The middleman can also be a scammer or cause trouble for your transaction. Guard Pay has no middlemen, so it can't be a scam or hassle.

Safe Transactions

Technological breakthroughs have helped Guard Pay protect buyers and sellers from being scammed most thoroughly today.

Safety Security

Your transactions are secured by the blockchain platform. The best trading security platform available today.

Money Transacted Directly

Eliminating the middleman has made it possible for buyers to transact directly with sellers, with no one keeping your money secured by blockchain.

Extremely Low Transaction Fees

Fixed and extremely low transaction fees of only 1% per successful transaction. There are no transaction fees for failed transactions.

Reviews of experienced customers

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Highly recommend

"I came up with the idea to develop a useful app that will bring smiles to millions of minds. The team of SaaSByte has heard my side of the story and turned that into an interactive application. I will suggest this company as well."

Mario Speedwogan

May 21, 2020

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The electronic contract (contact) will be created by the buyer and pay the fee.

When the buyer creates an electronic contract (contact) they are also the one paying the fee. This fee includes: 1% platform fee + Gas fee for blockchain. See updated gas rates here

Guard Pay supports Binance Smart Chain's BEP20 blockchain. Therefore, it supports all tokens according to this standard. However, USDT and VNDC are 2 currencies that are recommended for their exchange rate stability.

Every contract created by the buyer must have an expiration date. This is a deadline agreed upon by the buyer and seller themselves. Disputes, if any, must be resolved before the term of this contract. Guard Pay does't handle disputes after the contract expires.

Before the contract expires, the buyer has completed the escrow with the seller. There are 2 actions that buyers can do now:

1, If the customer is satisfied with the service, the buyer can confirm the immediate delivery of the money to the seller before the contract expires. At that time the transaction was considered completed.

2, If there is a dispute, you must immediately contact Guard Pay via to handle the dispute manually. If identified as a winner, the buyer will receive a full refund.


The only action that the seller can take at the moment is to refund the buyer.

An expired contract means confirming to the blockchain platform that the transaction has been completed. At this time no one can interfere with the transaction process, the buyer has completed the transaction, and the seller has received the money.

Transactions will be executed automatically if no dispute arises. Disputes must be manually resolved by the buyer or seller through the platform's chat. Guard Pay cannot process requests after the electronic contract expires.

Guard Pay reserves the following disclaimer:

1, Refuse to settle disputes for expired contracts. Dispute requests have less than 12 hours to expire.

2, Not responsible for the quality of products and services of buyers and sellers.

3, Not responsible for the mistaken acts, mistakes of buyers and sellers.